Copyright © 2001 Pete Wishnok

Mr. Moe's is gone, replaced by the The Cottage Island Market; still about halfway to the beach on the right after you come onto the Island. Not yet clear what's to come, but Moe's sold T-shirts, postcards, lottery tickets, bloody-mary mix, beer, and had a nice wine selection. Mr. Moe's vodka was a best buy (Mr. Moe's vodka won a now-famous local blind comparison against two well-known high-end vodkas, so it'd be great if that continued!). Danny was always willing to chat and inform if things weren't too hectic on a hot summer beach day, and from what we've seen/heard of the new owners, it looks as if the friendliness will continue. Reasonable close-to-the beach parking although - as with all parking near the beach - rates change (sometimes hourly) with the weather and demand.

We'll see what transpires as the new iteration evolves.

I know the photograph is outdated - the tree is gone - but I loved the tree, so I'll leave the picture up for a while for nostalgia's sake. (There's still a link to Dick's Variety...)

Click here for a Google satellite image of downtown (!) Plum Island with Mr. Moe's highlighted.